Sputtered Series


  • Less Reflection (Grey tone)

  • Blocks more than 99% of harmful UVA and UVB radiation

  • Increases skin protection

  • Reduces heat

  • Reduces fading and interior cracking

  • Increases HVAC efficiency

  • Improves occupant comfort

  • Reduces glare on televisions and monitors

  • Lessens eye fatigue


Sputtered - CC Series 

V.L.T 25% / 35% / 50%

Sputtered - Bronze

V.L.T 25%


Visible Light Transmission 18%
Visible Light Reflected 39%
Total Solar Energy Transmittance 19%
Total Solar Reflection 22%
Total Solar Absorbance 59%
Ultra-Violet Ray Rejection 99%
Total Solar Energy Rejection 72.1%
Infra-red (IR) Ray Rejection 82.6%
Shading Coefficient 0.39
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient 0.29
Thickness 1.5mil/2Ply

Visible Light Transmitted

Visually-Clear and Better Color Contras

UV Rejected

99% UV Protection


High Optical Clarity and Distortion Free

Glare Reduction

Spectrally-Selective High Glare Reduction

High Heat Reduction

High Heat Reduction

Scratch Resistant

Strong Scratch Resistance for Added Durability

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