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- New Generation Ceramic Technology Applied
- Maximum Heat Rejection
- Super Optical Clarity
- No Radio Signal Interference

Benefits of ...

SKY Premium Ceramic Film is the premium window film that is applied to all of SLP’s state-of-the-art window film production technologies. I features top-class thermal blocking and high clarity and visibility as well. Moreover, it blocks 99% of Hazardous UV rays. Accordingly, drivers will enjoy top-class energy saving, clear vision, skin protection, vehicle interior discoloration protection, and outstanding durability.

New Generation Ceramic Technology Applied

SKY Premium Ceramic Film made great infra-red rejection with our market-leading IR coating technology. SKY Film blocks solar heat with its top-notch Heat Rejection and keeps the vehicle interior cool and pleasant. Customers will enjoy saving outstanding amounts of energy with it. Using cutting-edge film production technology, it provides high visibility and suppresses rainbow effect. It provides high visibility not only in the daytime but also at night. No matter what you drive, SKY films will give you exactly what you needs, when you demand exquisite appearance, sun protection and longevity for your rides.


V.L.T 5% / 15% / 35% / 50%

SKY Ceramic 5%

Visible Light Transmission 6%
Visible Light Reflected 4.6%
Total Solar Energy Transmittance 19%
Total Solar Reflection 5%
Total Solar Absorbance 77%
Ultra-Violet Ray Rejection 99%
Total Solar Energy Rejection 51%
Infra-red (IR) Ray Rejection 74%
Thickness 1.5mil


New Generation Ceramic Technology Applied

High Heat Reduction

up to 80% infra-red (IR) ray Rejection
UV 99% Blocking

Super Optical Clarity

less than 1.5 haze

No Radio Signal Interference

cell phones, radio, GPS signals, any types of sign

Tinted Glass

matches nearly all factory tinted glass


Lifetime Manufacture's Warranty

Questions about our SKY_Ceramic? Reach out today, we’re happy to help.

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