Advanced Polarization

 - Glare Control Window Film

 - Beyond Polarization Technology

 - Improved Color Contrast

 - Heat Reduction

 - UV Protection 


Improved Polarization Technology

To reduce glare, NEOSKY selectively reduces the transmission of Yellow-Light within the Visible Spectrum to improve Driving Comfort

Reduce Eye Fatigue

Enhance Clarity and Vision for Drivers

Day Driving – Reduce Eye Fatigue

In the early summer morning or late afternoon, the sun’s glare is a daily problem. Strong sunlight strains your eyes and reduces the optical contrast of your road condition, causing discomfort to eyes.

Imoroved Color Contrast

Glare Reduction Winth Minimal Loss of Brightness

Normal View

Conventional Window Films

NEOSKY Window Films

Visible Light Spectrum

Conventional Window Films

NEOSKY Window Films Improves Color Contrast By Reducing Glare


NEOSKY Automotive Window Films


Visible Light Transmission 70%

Visible Light Reflected 8%

Total Solar Energy Transmittance 58%

Total Solar Reflectance 7%

Total Solar Absorbance 35%

Infrared Rejected (ISO9050:2003) 46%

Infrared Rejected 780-2500nm 79%

UV Reduction 99%

Total Solar Energy Rejected 38%

Performance specifications provided for comparative purposes. The values presented are representative and may vary with different production batches.

Visible Light Transmitted

Visually-Clear and Better Color Contras

UV Rejected

99% UV Protection


High Optical Clarity and Distortion Free

Glare Reduction

Spectrally-Selective High Glare Reduction

High Heat Reduction

High Heat Reduction

Scratch Resistant

Strong Scratch Resistance for Added Durability

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