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Applied Latest Carbon Technology.


Cell phones, radio, GPS signals, any types of sign

-Blocks 99 percent UVA & UVB Rays

-Colour Stable guaranteed

-Limited lifetime warranty

SKY- Carbon Film

is the latest generation of Carbon Technology applied automotive window film.  SKY-Carbon Series is Colour stable guaranteed film, Original colour and tone won’t change almost and non-metalized Carbon-based construction eliminates signal interference while still providing high optical clarity with heat rejection. No matter what you drive, SKY-Carbon series will give you exactly what you needs, when you demand exquisite appearance, sun protection and longevity for your rides.



Applied latest Carbon Technology

UV Rejected

Blocks 99% of uva and uvb rays

Optical Clarity

High Optical Clarity and Distortion Free

No radio signal interference

cell phones, radio, GPS signals, any types of sign

Non- Fading

Colour stable guaranteed

Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime manufacture's Warranty

Questions about our SKY_Carbon? Reach out today, we’re happy to help.

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